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Water damage

Water damage can be disastrous for even the best quality hardwood flooring. If water is left to get into the boards it can cause warping, distortion and changes to the size and shape of your floorboards. In extreme cases the damage makes its way deep into the concrete, causing lasting problems like damp and mould.

Sometimes you may not see the damage being done to the floor until it is too late. At this point you will probably need to have the damaged floor boards replaced. At other times you may find that you notice the water before it gets chance to cause any damage. As long as the damage is not too extensive you will probably find that you can get away with replacing just a few boards rather than the whole floor. If the floor has been down for a while you may find that the floor boards are no longer produced. If this is the case we will be able to show you our extensive range of colors and types of wood finding the best match possible. If we can’t find a match you may need to go for something that is close whilst we stain the whole floor. Having the whole floor stained and a few boards replaced will still be more cost effective than replacing the whole floor.


Moving furniture around or decorating your home will often reveal holes and marks in your floor, which left unchecked can lead to more serious damage. In many cases, a simple patching job is a fast, clean way to fix any issues without the expense of a whole new floor.

Damaged floorboards

Sometimes, accidents and general wear and tear lead to damage of just one or two floorboards. In this case it’s costly and unnecessary to install a whole new floor and all you’ll need is a replacement board here and there. We’ll undertake tests to determine which species, thickness and grade of wood to use and ensure the subfloor beneath is strong enough to support your new boards. When we’re done, we’ll refinish the whole floor to leave it looking as good as new.